Event 'Book Grasp', Saturday 15 September 13:00 Leiden / by Judith van IJken

Expert Photobook Review and the Media Communications department of Webster Leiden Campus / Webster University USA present the event Book Grasp - an experiment in reviewing, acting and reacting upon photobooks.

Everyone is invited to take part in a one-day laboratory during which we will work on alternative ways of perceiving photography and photobooks with two invited experts from the fields of performance art and psychology. 

During the first part of the event, we will discuss how we SEE photobooks, carefully studying a number of recent publications selected by Expert Photobook Review. What narrative can we identify? How were these books produced? And how do we grasp a photobook on intellectual and verbal levels?

During the second part, we’ll try to switch the register of perception and find out how we EXPERIENCE photobooks with our bodies. A performance artist Marina Orlova and psychologist Catherine Schook will introduce exercises that will allow us to broaden our perspectives on interaction with photobooks. Through a group discussion, and who knows, maybe improvised performances, we will work out methods of ‘reading’ photobooks on multiple levels. 

The results of the Book Grasp experiment will be made available to a larger audience through the youtube channel of Expert Photobook Review.

Photobooks in focus:
Judith van IJken, Anamorphosis 
Laura Cnossen, Love, Klink
Lilia Luganskaia, Investigation of Love
Senta Simond, Rayon Vert
Virginie Rebetez, Malleus Maleficiarum 
and more!

Address: Living and Learning Center Gallery, Webster Leiden Campus, Galgewater, 1U, 2311 VZ Leiden.

Participation is free.

Book Grasp

Book Grasp